This is an experiment. I’m an experiment. We’re all experiments. Words are our toys. The world is our canvas. Let’s play with ideas and change the world.

I’m a Faculty Fellow with The Global Center For Advanced Studies (www.gcaseducation.com) and a founding faculty member with Lebanon Institute for Liberal Arts, both radical alternatives to Higher Education.

I am also a Human Rights activist who speaks, resources, and empowers organizations on human rights issues with my wife who is a Barrister (UK). Check out our business here                               (www.crosscultureconsultancy.com)

I have lived in India, Pakistan, Mexico, Canada, Iceland and other places. The Human Race is a beautiful project. I am also the sub-editor of a Human Rights partner Magazine called: The Education Charter.

I am also a writer with The Huffington Post and have been for over years in the areas of culture, religion and interviews. Find out more here: huffingtonpost.com/george-elerick/

I am also a filmmaker with a film production company entitled: Secret Ceremonial Productions (scproductions.moonfruit.com). Majoring in feature-length films, Documentaries and Shorts.

I am also an actor. I have two awesome kids and an even more awesome wife. Get in touch.


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