I want one of those ones over there. I mean I don’t need it like a homeless guy needs a coat. I want it. I want the kind that touches your soul. The kind that without it there are parts of you that would never change. It’s like an osmosis of sorts. An intrusion that is welcomed and reinvited after the initial contact. But, maybe, if I am honest, maybe I do need it like that poor unfortunate soul that hangs out on freeway exits. I want love to permeate through me. I want to love her like no other guy has and to tell her she is beautiful for the only reason to let her know how much value she really holds and how much her beauty transcends the very word itself. To be able to hold her deep inside and remind her that she is and will always be the princess in her story. And that romance isn’t something that you get to experience in scripts. That it is real, that it is powerful and that she deserves it…one day, I will open the door and there she’ll be, and until then, I will let this all permeate through me…


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