Dig a Ditch Deep Enough to Never See the Sun

Tans seem to be the biggest next thing. Tanning salons have become popular, tan products seem to be a popular. To be honest, I have bought into it. I like to have a tan. Naturally, because of my Spanish and Indian background, I have a natural tint in my melanin. But, I have also seen the sun burn people. I had a friend who came from the beach one day with boils on her neck and upper chest. The sun is a beautiful thing. So is risk and dreams. Together they are a powerful cocktail that would rival anyone else’s dream. Dreams are beautiful things. But, don’t mistake your dreams for the same dreams when you fall asleep. When you come with a dream, you must be awake and purposeful. Most give up and fall into these walking coma’s. and give up on dreams. So, they dig themselves into the ditches that protect themselves from every failing. Failing is alright. Learn from it, then make it into another step to take you closer and higher to your goal. Don’t let failures tell you who you are or what you can or can’t do. Act despite them. Don’t do it alone. God says he will never turn his back on you. Ask for strength. And then since we are more than conquerors, conquer the world. Your fears, your own heart. And conquer the impossible. It is really the only place that makes sense for dreamers.


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