Don’t Blink, Everyone is Watching…

Do you do things because others are watching. Or because you want to. Do you believe the applause of your personal audience is what keeps you going. Or the fact that you truly believe what you believe. Do you share the same convictions of the masses. Or do you follow the you inside. I mean, okay, I know when we were little, we would cry and make a huge show of our emotions and let others know how we feel. And to let your emotions out is a healthy thing, trust me. But, do you do for health or for the screams of the audience around you. Do you believe you are person who has value. Do you. Think about it. Or do you find your value like the game “The price is right”, do you wait until someone gets near your value and then you say, good enough. And sell yourself a few cents short. or like a black and white film, you have no say, you just do. I don’t know, do you?


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