Katherine was her name. I was out of High School. And tonight, I was nervous. Yet, I was giddy as a lotto winner. For tonight I held the winning ticket in my hand, and she was close to my heart. And that night, my heart was racing. And when we finally kissed, it made my world turn upside down and spin, like someone in the midst of vertigo. That night I floated all the way home. Although, I had kissed girls before. This was my first love and it meant something. It had value. And after a while, it seems after that, that kissing becomes so easy. That appreciation sits in the back row of the old movie theatre that no one ever goes to anymore. It goes out of style. And it leaves us alone in a relationship. When our affection falls to the wayside. When our value of another loses its value, we lose and they lose. And then like a stalemate in war and the loaf of a bread in a freezer, the relationship and the hearts in it become hard to affection. Christ says at one time: “I desire mercy not sacrifice”. He wants our affection our desires. Not our simple every day acts of getting up and being a Christ-follower. Our want to. Our hearts, not our deeds. Yes, your deeds prove who you follow. So, if you act in deed, do so with the deepest affection as lovers go. If you go to church because you feel like you need to or because you feel guilty. Then stop going. Yes, you heard me right. God turns valley girl in Revelation and says: “what makes me vomit is someone who is in-between” who has no heart and is just using me for fire insurance. He actually says, “I would rather you hate me wholeheartedly then straddle fences”. Read it. So. Where do we go from here. Well, its all up to you. If you don’t need God like oxygen then God has become an obligation. Not something you have passion for. And yes, I believe it is possible for you to have passion for God, always. Yes, always. But, you must fight for it, when in the deserts of your relationship. You must dig to find the well of God. And like He promises, he will satisfy. But, most of us are too comfortable cracking our Bibles open for 15 minutes or making good church attendance or a good tithe record over actually meeting God face-to-face. It is way to scary and unsafe to walk outside of your concepts of God. It is too dangerous and for some, it may cost you everything to let you go of your bubble that God may frequent out of curiosity. And yes, because he cares. So. Change the world. And embrace transformation but from now on instead of you controlling how much transformation, you let the Creator do that. And do things for God like a lover would do things. Not because you are seeking favor, but, because you are insanely in love with this Spirit who chooses to live within. Let that truth be the transformation you meet lips with. When you do things for God, don’t do it out of obligation, he doesn’t want that, he wants your heart…give it to him. And like a lover, he will take care of it better than a girl or guy ever could…kiss your creator king!!


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