You Don’t Warrant Long Goodbyes…

You Don’t Warrant Long Goodbyes

Has anyone every jaded you. I mean hurt you SO bad, you think you are either beyond repair or that your relationship is. I mean, everyone has their own luggage, right? Things you just seem to not let go. It is really funny, if you look up this idea of forgiveness in the ancient scriptures, is that you are leaving the issue alone. But, lets think about it, if you don’t leave it alone, you have a companion. So, really, in the midst of your unforgiveness and bitterness and rage and lust for revenge, you are never alone. That issue becomes a fair-weather friend you have somehow found warmth in. and companionship. This takes care of the issue of ever really being alone. So, it is much harder to really forgive others and yourself because you find a sense of peace in a broken heart. The shattered pieces seem to be more, but, really, what it is, is its broken. And its okay to shout and scream and yes if you so feel, cuss, and let it out. And let it go. If you don’t, one day, you might find a long lost companion, many years down the road and bring unnecessary pain into a relationship that has no connection to your bad experience. Don’t let your pain dictate how things really are. Realize that your perceptions are just that. Perceptions. Believe, there is a life and world beyond your brain and your heart. And try to live there. And there, you won’t ever be alone, but, you will have solace in a friendship with the guy who knows all about forgiveness. Embrace that kind of world. Give it freely. Live it freely. Live free…


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