When Clouds Just Seem To Be Clouds…

i think clouds are thoughts trying to escape. let me say it differently. i think our thoughts sometimes make clouds into images. cloudwatching is somehow so relaxing and can be romantic depending on who you are with. they can tell so much about your psyche. they can tell you about your dreams. i am not saying clouds have this mystical “crystal ball” effect. it is just quite interesting how you can see something completely different than someone else. it lets me know, that we all have different persepctives. different ways of doing things. different insights to life and to love and to a broken heart. and to giving and taking and running and walking and breathing and even living. clouds represent us. we are all different shapes and sizes. but, we all hold rivers of tears back. and there are days we just drown ourselves in our sorrow. then there are days where you pull back and let Jesus do his thing (the “sun”/the son). we let God be God then. most days, we don’t. we live out our lives in fear of God who tells us his love drives out fear. so, i wonder if we are only experiencing the shadow of God, because, we are just being clouds and blocking our view of the True God. You see, like the Sun, he wants to always shine on us. to always brighten us. yes, at times, maybe even get burned. but, healing comes. i know this is all imagery here, but, God…loves to wake us. he loves to arouse within us his passion. and before we were created, he did. his passions are the passions you already have within you and they are good ones. and they are already blessed ones. live them out…


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