Even When You're Hope Is Gone, Move Along, Move Along…

god is in everything. they believed this, i mean in every little moment God was with them. the incarnation didn’t end with this Christ. it began the “God with us” era of living out our faith. since i have been here, there have been a handful of stressful situations. people, finances (this is still ongoing), and just the transitional mess of being. i mean that, not just transitioning to a new space, but just being. i am restless spirit, so these experiences get compounded and exaggerated. i am an emotional guy (yes, girls, they do exist, lol)…and i am still having a hard time. but, god is here. emmanuel. its true. i just need the eyes to see the spiritual residual of all this. to taste and see through the messiness that God, my God is really that good. i know it. sometimes, i dont believe it. i can’t fully understand his goodness. not now, not here. but if i am to get a glimpse, i have to just dive into this messiness and stop trying to figure it all out. its not an easy course to take, not an easy road to traverse. this a new path to take for me. to try and see God at every turn. to experience God in all moments i pass through and breathe in. to be touched by the words and healed by the silence of God…man, i just need to get all of this…really, i do


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