Blessed Are The Poor…They See God

today i noticed that the outsider gets the boot. the marginalized ones get forced to walk on that white little part between the curb and the street. they are not worth our time to share a sidewalk with. this is so very sad. we leave them right where they are and blame them for their demise, when maybe, just maybe, life is what happened. it is not our responsibility to judge them, it is our job to love them despite the judgements that may well up deep inside. we must seem them as possible friends. as possible members in the family called the human race. there is no such status as subhuman. some may say this idealistic, but how do you change the world? one person at a time. we change our perspective. then, that’s when the world begans its transformation. but maybe its too easy to stay where you are in your thoughts on all this, is it?


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