a lot of the movies lately have a lot of sex in them. more than anything, the theme of “one night stands” seems very commonplace in many plot lines in today’s cinema life. a traditional storyline will have someone who is lonely meetup with someone else who is lonely and for one night they get to share in their loneliness. to not be alone.

even horror films nowadays have this idea of not wanting to be alone out of  the fear of something bad might transpire. we aren’t meant to be alone. we don’t want to be alone. as much as someone might make themselves and others believe that they are really happy with their current “single life”…deep down when the doors are closed and the eyes eventually shut, we wish we had a soulmate. King Solomon talked about this kind of love in his erotic love poem called Song of Solomon. He knew we weren’t created for loneliness. While they were creating, the Trinity noticed Adam felt alone, this made them unhappy, so they got together and created Eve. They even commented and said that man should not be alone, its not a good thing. So, does that mean, God wasn’t enough. I don’t think so, but that is another time and another blog. We need one another. more than man needs woman or the other way around. we were made to be interconnected people. to depend on each other.

some have grown up with tragic broken pasts where the act of loving someone else or going past the walls they have put up for safety (the safety of others hurting them) will cost them more than just a cup of coffee at Starbucks. These are real issues here. Like soul deep issues. We must be careful to understand and compassionate enough to care that not everyone grew up like we did. we all have different fears and for those with dysfunctional relationships (abusive parents, abusive bf/gf, non-existent will bring a unhealthy dose of fear into these relationships. this is not a dysfunction. i mean because of the fall, we all have trust issues, sure they look different for each person, but we do…what we must come to realize is that since the Garden, our very birth, we weren’t meant to be a people who are alone. I mean our very birth is depending on someone else to bring us to life. to give us life as most might say. we must realize this and be okay with needing one another. and then be okay enough to let them in…what is that going to look like for you?


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