let’s rearrange, i wish you were stranger i could disengage — the fray
it would so much easier if they just left. i mean, how is it they show up like unwanted guests and then find a corner to call home, sometimes for years…and its funny, they would never make it as real estate agents, because, they just don’t want to leave where they land.
thoughts i mean. of either the past or the future or even now. maybe they have found a new place to home, because we give them something to feed on, our worry. And sometime, they come out of nowhere and in the most unexpected place in our lives. Why? Maybe it is an invitation for healing. For confronting whatever it is, a broken relationship, a sorry that needs to be said, a debt that needs to be forgiven, a moment you need to forgive yourself for. Someone once said, forgiveness is a prisoner being set free and then founding out you were the prisoner. It is so true. It is not always a safe place to be, to seek restoration and healing (another word for salvation), but, we must seek healing, we were made to be in relationship with one another. We were made for peace and restoration…I mean at one time, things like war, destruction, ache, and worry weren’t part of the human language. We must remember those times even though we have never been in them (on this side of eternity)..Jesus says “give me everything” I will take care of it all. This is the offer, to drop your backpack of burdens of self-worth and selfishness and give it over and live out your life in wild abandon, afterall, that is what your made for!!!

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