I Vote For…

Have you ever mismatched? You know, when you go to your closet and then set out your clothes and the morning arrives to find you on your way. Then when it’s already too late, you realize you have mismatched shoes and socks. And then you have those awkward moments wondering the whole time if you should say anything before someone else does…one of those days.
I believe we have mismatched our values with nationalism. We have embraced something like the American Dream and have discovered scripture to justify it. We embrace the American way as the correct way to do things. We think country pride is biblical. Ironically, scripture does speak on this. With the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the Old Testament. These guys were friends of Daniel and also the same three guys who had the walk-in BBQ with Jesus as the fourth guy (Read Daniel). They were told by the King to bow down to the country idol, to serve the countries idealism of the King being God. And they wouldn’t. They didn’t back down. They did allow their country politics to dictate their spirituality or way of life. They allowed their spirituality to dictate those and many other things. Yet, we have claimed Christianity to be a republican religion. We have claimed America as a Christian nation. Christ-following is very different from Christianity. The first designates followership. The second is a religion which man has created which includes the proper way to vote. In fact, scripture does include a promotion to nationalism, but not of the physical world. All over the book of Hebrews is this idea that we are strangers of this world, but that our citizenship is of the unseen world. That our clothes are supposed to be righteousness. Righteousness in it’s depth of meaning refers to us living out our lives scandalously and discovering who we each are meant to be in Christ. That our national anthem should be worship to the King through our lives. That our politics should be advocating transformation in our lives and in the lives of others.


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