Lift A Leg…Find A Tree

I went to go clean this house with one of my friends the other day and part of the house-sitting was also taking care of a dog. And so I go and change his water and fill up his food bowl and picked his poop up. And he got soaked by the sprinklers and got all dirty and his lower half just got immersed in mud. And at that point, I had to reprimand him for getting too close. For being dirty, I just didn’t want to get dirty. The association costs me too much. He is definitely fun as entertainment, and maybe that is all he is there for, to serve my need to be entertained.
Maybe it is the same for the homeless person. Maybe it is the same for the outsider, the “uncool” person. They provide us opportunity for social commentary as we drive on by in our convenient lexus cages. They provide enough guilt to toss up a prayer as we walk on by. They drive us to talk about love and that is as far as we go. They make us uncomfortable. And the association might be too much to our precious reputation. Yet, scripture says Christ was a friend “of” sinners. Not “to” sinners. This is what pissed off the Pharisees. Jesus loved the outsiders. The “dirty” people, the unclean. He calls us, from the Old Testament to the New and beyond to love the outsider, the marginalized and the poor. Who are those people in your world: the elderly person next door, the nerd in your 3rd period class, the prostitute who sits on the corner, or the guy who holds the cardboard sign…We are called to love these people. Christ even says that there is some mysterious connection between loving the outsider and actually partaking in experiencing him. Loving the outsider does not mean we give them a handful of change, it means we befriend them. Mutual reciprocity. You share life with them. Speak of your stressful day at work, your victory at golf, your frustrations with your relationship with God…


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  1. travelersnote · April 17, 2009

    thanks bro!! glad you like it…deeply appreciated!


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