Dance On The Graves.


the flowers outside my window are going to die sometime soon. winter is inevitable and along with that apparent occurrence comes the reality of death. of the old dying and making way for the new to wrap back around. Child are completely impervious to the idea of death. Not all, and that’s sad. But most. They don’t fear it. They don’t fully understand or comprehend it. Jesus says if you even think to follow me, the way to get to me is being a child. a little one. an inquisitive one. one who is not afraid of danger or risk. that no matter how many fallen bikes and scraped knees you receive from the pavement, you get up and you grab the handlebars once again to journey on until you conquer the dreaded bicycle. then later the Son of God tells those that follow him that sometimes following in his Shadow might actually kill some of them (which it does to most of them). that their mortality is never the point in living spiritually. that death should be an afterthought, maybe not even that. that as we pass the graveyards we dance over our very own graves. that we become epic as we are called to be and not fear for the sake of living life and being sent ones who are life givers. So, dance — when no one is looking, heck, when everyone is looking!! See you on the otherside.


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