So you know that guy, yeah, the one with cardboard sign off the freeway underpass. him, that’s the one. or the guy in your church who is going through a divorce. or that older woman who needs a listening ear. well, what do you do? go to all three of them eventually, right? it is your job to save the day. i mean isn’t that the correct theology we have been given by our forefathers in the faith. i mean somehow jesus knew who to go to. he knew who not to. some take this to mean God plays favorites, i don’t think this is the case. i think God had to make a point and he could have used anyone, and in that moment, he used those people as examples. the truth in scripture says God really would rather all people be well.

So. how did Christ just know who to go to? Well, try something will ya’? Go over to your light and flip the switch. did it work? great! (if it didn’t, i apologize, you might want to get another bulb or find another one to try this with). like that. like a lightbulb. keep in mind jesus is not under God, he is God. but that is another time and another theology. Jesus says I only do what I see God doing. Jesus in a sense is saying God is on the move here and i want be there for that movement. Jesus was not robotic. this is not an invitation to become a toaster, but learning something from one. we tend to think electronics work simply, yet it is quite a complex thing. the wires themselves have to work together to tell the actual source of receipt to turn the light on. the switch has to send this message through those wires. sort of a current. and the current follows itself all the way up to the bulb and then the light appears. Jesus heard God. God was the source. the holy spirit was the current and jesus was the receiver. they all worked together to be the very essence of jesus’ desire and ability to ‘see what the father is doing’. so, how does this work for us? well, we have to be linked up with our creator. we have to spend time with him. i realized, very recently jesus spent a lot of time alone with god. so, yes, that means you will have to intentionally turn off ipods, cancel appointments to do so. that doesn’t mean god won’t speak otherwise or that you won’t experience him in other ways. but jesus does say that we will know his voice. how do you do that with any person? you spend time and then find a safe enough environment to try it out and fail and keep trying. this is the answer, sorry no three-part sermon here. this is just simply about desire and the attempts at this desire. messy, i know. but, think about the rewards in the end. to actually be linked up as christ was. i mean, he is the shadow in which we are to be following. becoming more missional. more christ-like. these are things we need to be desiring for. a life of scandalous intrigue that wants to encounter god in new and cool ways…


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