we have so many different concepts of the gospel. “the good news” as it has been called for centuries now. if it is good news, then why aren’t people catching on? why are people actually offended by the concepts? or maybe they are offended by the followers…

So, let’s play this out. Here’s the good news (typically represented): Hi! My name is John, I am a Christian. You are a sinner, and you are going to hell. Hell is real. BUT, God made a way to get you out of hell, isn’t that good news? I see a big problem with how the good news is presented. i mean guys with bullhorns sit on corners and scream out that Jesus is coming soon and that you must “turn or burn”. What a gospel!!!

If it truly is good news as we claim it is. Then let it be good news on its own. In the book of Colossians, the author says that Christ died once a for all. If you read the original language, it lends itself to the idea that everyone (not some selected few) in humankind has been forgiven (past, present, and future). that’s good news. everyone has been forgiven. here’s where they (the listener) come into play, whether they accept it or not. it is a choice that they have to make. we can’t force them into making it. if the choice is out of fear, rather then desire…it is not one from the heart. and many times over, in many different ways Jesus says, God wants our hearts. And then one of Jesus’ best friends later writes that God’s kind of love is without fear, in fact, it drives out any kind of fear. So, if this is good news, then where is all the fear coming from? I mean the gospel is that Jesus wants us to befriend Him. He says, no longer do I call you servants, but I now call you friends. This is the invitation from Jesus, the good news is that He died in our place to fix the mess we made, and in that is friendship with the guy who created us and insanely loves us. Now, some may say, that well, either way the gospel is being preached; yes, while Paul does say something like that…I am wondering if God is a God of love and fear or maybe He is a God of love, period.  I mean, why focus on some issue (sin) that was taken care of over 2,000 yrs ago? why not embrace the mystery of discovery and try and find out more about your creator and who he has intended for you to be. to live and drink of this life abundantly. Jesus actually talked more about the Kingdom then sin. The kingdom of God is all about restoration and relationships, sin is all about separation and brokenness. I wonder why he spent so much time talking about the utter importance of relationships over broken relationships. I think because he still desires us to be people who are driven by relationship and who focus on restoring them now and not what they were. This is the invitation…



  1. gnosticshawn · October 25, 2007

    Great post. And you’re right, to take Jesus’ life as an example, he allowed his life to deliver the message of the Father’s love and the truth of the Kingdom. This is the only way we can show others the truth of Christ, by the example of our own lives, in how we walk with mindfulness, love for Christ and our neighbour, and with compassion for the sick and poor. Thich Naht Hanh, a Zen monk and renowned peace activist, says simply that peace starts with ourselves. If we do not have peace than there can be no peace for the world. Peace is every step.

    When we embrace Jesus’ message and choose the path of the cross, of surrender and love, and dedicate our lives to his path of entering the Kingdom of Heaven then we become peace, and our lives shout the good news more clearly than our words ever could. Luke tells us “the Kingdom of God is within” and Paul tells us that “Faith without action is dead”. The Kingdom is a reality here and now, Christ is ever ressurecting within us, and all people are saved.

    You’re walking the walk my friend. Peace and God bless.


  2. Brian Johnson · November 5, 2007

    I recently examined the gospel as preached in evangelism by Peter and Paul in the New Testament, compared to the present day, and ended up by creating the website:


    Hope you like it!


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