a writer has always been someone who is exclusively and quite stereotypically one who composes work on paper. what about one who writes with words through conversation. or someone who writes word through picture. sure, we have words and titles for them too. a speaker and a painter. but, isn’t that such a thing, that writing wasn’t just meant for paper. it was meant for so much more.

the term missionary is just the same. it is quite an exclusive term. it conjures up images of a couple or family tucked into the corner of some tribal destination in a remote region preaching jesus to the lost. but, it is just that, exclusive. it forgets that the idea of mission for jesus was in his very own home town. sure, he traveled during his lifetime, but not much. especially not in comparison to Paul. Christ’s mission was close to home. Missional is one of the new “buzz words”, but before it becomes the next fad to follow, let’s figure out how inclusive it is.  Click here to see the differences.

Missional says

everyone is missional

it says missional is about a holistic gospel, not just getting them “saved”; it’s about dealing with needs of that person, its about befriending them, being equals

itis about living missionally everyday.

its’ about discovering where God is and not having to create a program to get there

it’s really about sharing the good news by loving people well, realizing that the gospel is the same as “love your neighbor”; that loving people well is the point

and learning how to live it out with other believers, not being afraid to ask questions and search for the answers and being okay with the mystery of it all

 (more info) : http://www.lausanne.org/about/lausanne.html


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