When Dreams and The Curtain Call Are One In The Same…

                               ~chase things that won’t set me free~ Goo Goo Dolls 
I loved hide and seek, i think i still like it, to be honest. the urgency of the chase, the excitement of being found. and even the unraveling of discovery. i think we might keep these things up in our lives in certain ways. we sometimes chase things that won’t set us free. for some its drugs. others its relationships. maybe even dreams. let me explain. the dreams of personal fame. where you are always the star of your show. i used to be a “light” hungry hippie myself. i still love the stage, i want to act, but, sometimes our very own stage(s) can do more damage than not. it can leave you wanting more applause and you end up leaving more of your self. the more you gain, the more you lose. you see sometimes the chase isn’t as exciting as it may seem by the end of the story. i don’t believe in regrets, yet, if you do, who wants to choke on them.? you don’t want lose yourself in something. you want to give of yourself to something, right? but, there is a distinct difference between the two. when you become synonymous with the very things you chase then you lose out in the end. i am dream maker and a dream follower, so for someone like me, it is easy to become entrenched in the chase. to lose myself rather than gain. sometimes we will be someone else so we can take on another reality. to believe we can not get lost in dreams of grandeur, to be like Don Quixote and get lost in our delusions. What I am saying here is the very opposite of encouraging one to follow their dreams (aka, “what makes you come alive?”)….this is a callout to those who have given themselves over to the desire for personal fame, the ones who create their own stages and live out their lives chasing things that they lose themselves in. this is the clarion call to come off the stages, to live out who you are without apology and discovery rather than creating scene after scene of an endless demise…it’s the curtain call…time to bow and walk away.


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