i am an actor. sometimes a poser, more like it. but, truthfully i have always been enamored by the stage. acting is my forte if you will. i thrive on the black tarmac of entertainment. the applause sometimes become synonymous with the oxygen i survive on. but, if we are all honest, there are time we thrive on attention. and to a certain extent some praise is well-deserved. yet, there is a verse tucked in the New Testament that talks about Satan being like a loud obnoxious cat (prowls around like a roaring lion)…he likes the stage too. in fact this verse says he too likes the attention, in a school room he would be the loudest bully there. in an office, he would be the overbearing outspoken unmerited brown-noser. and in your very own front room, he might be at times the very person staring back at your in the mirror. no, you are not satan. but, everyday we all have opportunities to help evil (things like death, lying, believing the lies of satan, self-serving, overprotection of personal ego, ‘all eyes on me’ act and etc. this is not a thought on us needing to be perfect. we can’t. we try, but we will fail. but, then we get back up and try again. but, we don’t hold it all together like we have it together. we don’t save face. we look for opportunities to become more of who were meant to be. we have to do that by walking, tripping and falling…and getting back up. we must not become so enamored with our need for fame. oddly enough, christ would try and shun it…he would say things like ‘its not my time yet guys’…he would even ditch crowds who tried to make him president of their christian club. he walked away from fame and yet, here is the weird thing, he has a huge following. huge numbers and crowds would find their way through cities and unacceptable cultural norms to come face to face with this Christ-man.. yes, we can use our celebrity to challenge the status quo and to encourage others to change the world for good too…but, once we start seeking for eyes to be on us, we began wearing the same t-shirt as the devil that screams with infidelity ‘it’s all about me’…but, is it? are you screaming, is your life an echo of eternity…or a hollow¬†roar of personal applause. time to step off the stage and go change the world!


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