a young girl is forced into motherhood in a back alleyway….and we pray.

a village is ravaged because of greedy politicians…and we pray.

a baby is tossed into a blazing fire because it was too much for the local economy…and we pray.

a wife’s face is beaten in because her husband can’t control his anger…we tell her to pray.

be doers. step it up. commit to what you say you believe. james says we need to be doers not just hearers. put “feet” to our faith as the trite cliche echoes. james was speaking to a bunch of church leaders (pastor is nowhere in scripture). So how much more so are we challenged to love uncomfortably…To be among those who mourn. to touch the untouchable. to breathe new life (“nooma“, spirit) into those we encounter.

yet divorce rates are still high. youth pastors only stay around for a little over year. cell phones now have a no-commitment possibility. and life is just to easy to pass by. most people are in “survival mode” because there sense of commitment will only allow them so far. living life takes dangerous people. people of risk. people who choose to believe in their desired outcomes before they see them. people of the “jump”. who will jump chasms knowing they will land on the otherside. are you a person of the jump. if you are, people are waiting for you to take the leap to meet them where they are. so, Jump!!!



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