Biology the study of life. The study of how the intricacies and details matter. A study about how all the organs work together to sustain and encourage the quality and process of life. Out of the inner workings comes a body, comes life.
In the Old Testament we have a cycle of the unique (my phrase for sanctification, or being made holy) whereby God meets with one leader and they in turn pass the message along and in this message are the details of God’s heart for His people. In these words are certain codes and phrases which are reflections of the inner workings of the Trinity who work together as a body themselves to insure the cycle of uniqueness within people is never halted. I believe that is how most church models are ran, God gives the pastor (by the way, there is no greek or hebrew word for pastor) the all-elusive message and the people come and listen and then go and try to live out what is in the end a mixture of divine opinion. Yet, Jesus talks about his body being broken for the healing of the world. To bring people to Himself. This is the salvation, it is not some prayer we speak, it is a soul-change from within. He wants us to do the same, in fact He tells his friends near
the time of His death to “do this in remembrance of me”…He is not speaking of just taking elements, but rather He is instructing them all on how to change the world, by breaking themselves for the healing of the world. He tells them that people will see their love and know that they are different. How do we become different? Where is this process found now if it is not in the Old Testament, then where? Jesus talks about his body…than years later down the road, the Apostle Paul who met Jesus says we are Christ’s body….this is where we find the process of our spiritual uniqueness (why do i use unique? the word holy means set apart on the first level of the greek and hebrew, yet if you search deeper it actually means different or unique)…in contact with other christ-followers, not just on Sundays, in fact I would say not there. But, in a daily interaction with other believers as well, the idea of iron sharpening iron is this idea of us walking together in this journey called life trying to figure out the inner workings of God in our lives….but weren’t meant to go it alone. We need each other and God knows that and created it this way…so He chooses to use the BODY as a way to become who were meant to be. He uses the body to challenge us, to encourage us and to change us, so we can in turn go out and change the world…that is what Christ challenged us with as He left for home…what will you do?
“A man who won’t die for something is not fit to live.” ~ Martin Luther King Jr…

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