I had one this morning. I stepped outside and after literally a couple seconds, I almost tasted the Spirit of God (Pneuma). I didn’t want to leave. It was truly was some of the ancients called a “God-moment” (kyrios-moment). God is everywhere, right? That also means He is always there. If this is true, then, every moment we live and breath are holy. Holy is much more than being set apart, in fact, at the root of this word is the idea of uniqueness. Completely different. Distinguishable from everything and everyone else. These are the moments we are made for. Those moments that aren’t mundane, where Christianity or church services seem monotonous and boring, but they are encounters built upon discovery. Then God says this:……….when you rediscover me, you will rediscover me, and then you will redsicover me and then when you think you found me out, you will rediscover me.

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