i don’t like stew…
 our theology tells us that god treats us like stew that he is out to get us and that we should dread when we are put in situations we not prefer to be in. i think our theology has failed us, to believe in a god who is out to get us was what people had believed in the surrounding old testament cultural perspective. to say things like “i don’t want to be a pastor, but you know how God has a sense of humor” or “i don’t really want to go there, but I have to take this job because God wants to teach me something”, we set out to defy the very character of God in our language without even knowing it. When God says things like “i want to give you the desires of your heart” and ” i am looking for people who worship in spirit and truth” or in the Message it says, god is looking for people who are 100% themselves. God doesn’t put us into crappy circumstances just to teach us something, that would be more like the idea of saying God is like the kid with a magnifying glass who is waiting to burn us when the sun shines, but, He is not. He wants the best for us. Sometimes it is our very choices or views of God that set us on a certain path, it’s sometimes the opinions of others and our own insecurities that shove us into situations we attempt to overspiritualize and make it into some spiritual training camp. So, what do we do with those moments where it seems too hard or frustrating or just plain hard and confusing? we rest in the knowledge that God is near. We need not seek answers or make sense of it all. We just rest and realize like any journey that leads you to a beautiful view, it is usually rough getting there. Job said something interesting in the middle of his life falling apart like sand through his hands…he basically said something like this: “i know my life is in shambles and what is going on doesn’t make any sense to me, but, even if the sky falls tonight — God, I choose you!” You see, He wasn’t sitting around blaming God like so many accuse Job of doing, sure, He questioned Him (so, what does that say about the need to questions God?)…He was determined to fight through only because He knew God was present. You see when Job said ‘ Blessed Be Your Name’…what he was saying in essence, after all the translation from Hebrew to English and modernized…I favor who you are God even above all my losses, you are my greatest gain. Even when the rain is falling, you are my home. Even when my life is unbalanced you are my center. I choose you God above all this mess. So, this is the invitation–to trust God, to fall in love with Him so much that you can’t live without Him, to run to Him when it falls down, knowing He is there to catch you when you fall!!!

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