Post Office.

I like receiving packages. I love going to the slit in the old wooden door to see if any letters have my name on it, but, I get really excited when someone sends me something big, it really excites me. There is such a process though, if you don’t package it correctly or place enough stamps then the package won’t make it to its destination.

Apostle means “sent one”, during Christ’s final goodbye, He sends his friends out to go and be scripture. to be the gospel by using their lives as loudspeakers (not words; make disciples is an action-oriented phrase) for the world around them….oh, and go change the world globally. Christ believe they had what it took. So, like a good rabbi, He sends them as sent ones. We are sent. What does that mean? We go to them, and also, there is no them. We all have the image of God, we go the children who don’t know their father, I think this is a much better way to say it…we let them know they have a lover who has been chasing them. It means as a church we stop creating programs to remain an insular community which keeps us from being an out-turned community movement. We stop moving if we allow ourselves to get caught up in church politics and running a good show with large numbers. It means we do not necessarily bring people to a building, since we are the church, we bring church to the fatherless. Being a sent one is one who will take the time to come alongside people rather than to them, they will invest the local culture and lifestyle to better befriend people and to respect the background. Being a sent one means, we go! We don’t pray about where we should go, because we are told to go everywhere, but..we GO!! And we change the world, one person, one country at a time…remember, life is a day that doesn’t last for long….get crackin!!!


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