God Does.

the other day i was at work and my computer crapped out. i mean it got attacked by a virus and then it happened to follow me home. and it was one of those days where when one thing falls apart, the earth tilts. my world was falling apart and my sanity was hanging on a thread. But, was it really? I mean these are terms we use to describe where we are, sure, but is our life in that much of a rut that if one thing goes wrong we can’t handle it all. I mean, think about it this way….there are kids in countries playing with a ball of yarn and they don’t think they have it bad, but what is shown on television makes us think so. I am selfish. pure and simple. I am out for my own agenda, the question i take with me is not one that will help the world…it is one that will in the end, destroy it. how can I fulfill myself? what expectations aren’t being met and how can I make sure I meet them (at any cost)? these are the questions I try and answer on a daily basis. i am the ultimate self-preservationist. i look out for number one and am pissed when things don’t go as planned. when God doesn’t fix my problems I whine. when the rain falls on the just and unjust I shout and call that injustice. I cry when my ice-cream falls off the cone. I am selfish. I don’t care about the earth, not enough to wear a sweater around the house rather then using the heater. I don’t care enough about my neighbour because I don’t invite the guy who needs a blanket for a cup of coffee or out to lunch. I don’t care. I really don’t. I say in a manner befitting a dreamer who believes in utopia: “I want to change the world!”…but if it costs me rejection, screw it, the world doesn’t need changing that bad. If it costs me too much time and energy, well, I can’t give up my gambling addiction ( i don’t have one, just an example). If it might cost me my life, well then,  I have better things to pursue. Yet, I call myself a Christ-follower..and the only thing we get out of it is knowing that life is going to at times be Hell on earth, and then we are charged by the King to go and change it all…BUT, that’s not all!! We are told we will NEVER go through it alone. NEVER. And that realization is more than enough to make this all bareable. That is the assumption of our Creator. He believes He is enough for us, He believes we can all do the above and so much more. He believes I am not selfish. He believes I have it in me to be the next biggest thing…ME!! There are some things God won’t do because He has made each of us for that specific task. But, the taks for all of us is to change the world (Go into all the world ¬ Jesus). Do you have it in you to be a person who restores beauty where no one else sees it? When God said “It was good” He was saying it is jaw-dropping beautiful. We are to restore beauty into lives and countries and hearts…but do you believe that you have what it takes? God Does.