Child Within.

I sat around yesterday watching a huge amount of movies, maybe too much for the human mind to process. but, the rest was needed.

the jews had this knack for believing that everything is connected. yesterday as i sat watching movies there was this theme of “growing up” being a bad thing. how growing up takes the childlikeness away. how our modern day system of getting up going to work and coming home to do it all over again is cyclical death to the soul. i agree. Jesus, the Jewish Rabbi said that the Kingdom of God is for children…the more we give ourselves over to a system of redundancy the more we lose the purity, the more we get used to our surroundings our wide eyes become smaller. In fact, I recently heard that if you watch a Japanese Anime cartoon you will notice the villains have smaller eyes and the good guys have larger ones — this because somewhere along the way, the lost the plot…it became more about their personal survival rather than awe and wonder.  We have things in life, that if we give too much authority too can easily chip away at the child within. We must never lose the child within, we must fight for it. We must realize this is what the kingdom is all about, maintaing a spirit of adventure, a spirit of believing, a spirit of unadulterated trust in our Father and a willingness to take risks no matter if our dignity or friendships  or fears are on the line…Children never stop asking questions…the never stop questioning to the point of annoyance…they wonder, they dream and the enact the impossible…the don’t know much about defeat, they keep going in the face of adversity…the walk and will not grow faint…they are the ambassadors of the Kingdom…the question is, if we have lost that childlikeness, and they are the ambassadors…what does that make us?


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