the chair.

Brian Mclaren (emergent church guy) recently did a talk about how knowledge has the potential to be abused. he used a chair analogy and said if i were a psychologist (i.e., scientist, mathematician, biologist, pastor and etc) we take our critical assumptions (aka, knowledge) and stand upon our chair and say what is wrong with people and the world around us…and in doing that we make ourselves exempt from the very standards we police. and we create an individualized hierarcy where we become judge, jury and critical executioner of all of those we see and know. we do this with theology and faith, as if we are the ultimate bearers of God’s truth. We look down on other from our chair and critically analyze others by the standards we have come to create through the de-contextualization of scripture, and there is something about Jesus’ words and the log in our own eye. We must come down from the chair and see that the reason we might be up in the chair is to save ourselves from that very critical analysis. it is also a bit like colonial christianity. where we take over a country or a tribe and “civilize” them in the name of Jesus and call it love or the gospel. we think the gospel is all about extracting people out of their contexts and society rather than allowing them to stay how they are (eating certain foods, not wearing clothes, using english, teaching a “correct way” to bible study), rather it is letting God work within their contexts and allowing Him to move when He sees fit rather than colonializing people, it is a sort of cultural genocide that we perpetrate when we take people out of their contexts, culture and society. We must leave our chairs and walk together towards the face of God…


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