deep magic.

i wonder if we are all made to see the good in people. i mean, some believe there is good in all people, i am one of those people. what happens to those people who stop believing, who have become jaded and cynical about the motives of others. what happened to the fact that we have the image of god within. if this is true, no one can be all bad. some can be sold out to evil causes, but, is there a point of no return. we, a people, who like to define everything, sit back in our freudian chairs and wonder if there is…and it is a lot easier to say yes, because if we say no, then that means we each have a responsibility to fight for that good in others and in the world around us and for some even globally. this proverbial battle of good vs. evil has been around before Star Wars or the Matrix, it is a battle we all face everyday. We have battles within that we must draw our swords upon to believe when it is simply unbelievable, to fight when it all seems lost, to be good when it is so much easier to be bad, to fight for truth when the lie is just around the corner. this isn’t some thought on ethics, thats for people who think their degrees will mean something after they die…it is part of the “deep magic” talked of in Narnia, a “truth” that jesus and pilate began the discourse over…good is worthy to be fought for…do you believe that enough to follow through?


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