keep digging…

today i live in a place not on a map, its a state like in the USA, but it is a place in the journey of the heart. i call it my melancholy state. i walk walking along this overcrowded sidewalk back from work using my time to dismantle myself, god, life and my emotions all in one stroke…and in the middle of it…i felt a groggy sense of healing come over me…i can’t explain it to be honest. it is as if i have been stripped away from a love i once had and am now over the hump where the pain of the loss is at the forefront, it’s more like i have just walked over that hill and am now in the valley of mourning and healing all at once. how weird is that? like i am being healed. and there is a lot of inner healing that needs to happen, but what i am being healed of now is a mystery. it is something i am unaware of, but yet feel the need that it should go. hard to explain, will keep digging…


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