I am a salesman.

I am a salesman. I tell you what you want to hear. I sale you truth only as I see it. I pull interpretations out of my bag of goodies and hold your hand as we walk together down darkened paths. I make you feel good about your purchase. I may even lie to you from time to time just make you feel safe about your decisions. I walk the streets of your mind, clearing out cobwebs and enlightening you on the right path to take and the right people to love. I may even occasionally quote from the ancient Jewish writings of Yahweh to justify our behavior together. I may listen to what you have to say, all the while assuming that your path is the wrong one. I will say I love you because that is what you want to hear, all the while judging you beneath each unspoken breath. I will boast about my friendship with you to other friends that are insiders, I will tell them how I am leading you down the right path. I am a salesman and you are my customer.
I will go to church every Sunday because that is what a good Christian does. I will give the homeless lady down the street a few coins and a tract because that is what followers of Christ do. I will sale you Jesus because that is what I have been told He wants me to do. I will not be intentional, I will have ulterior motives. I will be incarnational only when it is comfortable for me to be. I will invite others to come to church rather than bring and be the church to them. I will sacrifice only when it costs me nothing. I will choose light over darkness by loving conveniently. I will bear the burdens of others only when they don’t effect me. I listen to others only so I can get them saved. I will give $24 a month to a para-church organization to feed the hungry, rather than go to the country and change a life. I will memorize scripture rather than live it out. I will give my weekly offering because it will emblazon my crown in heaven. I will talk about how there should be no outsiders and condemn abortionists, murderers, rapists and smokers. I will make a video on Youtube of how people like Rob Bell are anti-christ’s, and will go home and memorize the two greatest commandents. I am a salesman. Some of you may know me, I go by many names: Satan, darkness, Christians, or maybe even the Church.
I think sometimes we get so carried away with our version of Christianity being the right way to do things that all of our actions and words put together keep people from even thinking about getting near the God we say we believe in, and if that is the case, who are we drawing them to? With our reactions to “ungodly” behaviors and judgements, what are we really saying about God? What are we saying about ourselves?
The greatest commandment or another way to say it, would be to call it-the ultimate invitation call us into a life of God-motives. A life where we are defined not by theologies, but by love that goes beyond borders and definitions. We are not called to be salesman, we are called be a community of followers that lives out their lives in such a way that people get curious. So, in your life, how many people are curious?


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