what is going on in places like Palestine and Darfur and other places that the media has yet to get to is tribal mindset. We are fighting for our tribes, our empires, our own views and instead of trying to live in harmony as one, we take all of our energy and expend it on destroying the souls of many to sustain one — our own. We are in a sense saying that our lives and views have much more potency and reality then that of the life of a baby child who doesn’t have a vote on whether they live or die, or a mother who is raped by an army of men for self-pleasure and then killed because they have nothing else better to do. We cry when a commercial pops on the screen and we see bloated children and may even send in a few dollars to help a cause where most of our money really goes to admin fees for most of the organizations. We need to do something! We need to not say we believe in peace and we wish for peace, we need to fight for peace, this word fight is not about creating a war for peace, there are some who would say that we need war to have peace. This is shit. It’s like saying we need black to have white. Yes, there are time for peace and war, but, we cannot simply justify that anytime we seek peace that a war has to be the first response. At one time, early on in our civilization, most people bartered and traded and hunters only killed as much as they needed. Then things changed. We changed, and with some of those changes came destruction. God breathed his very own breath into each human, which means, each human soul has value. Each soul has purpose. And who are we to destroy that purpose and act like we our our own tower of babel. We must move away from the empire mindset and relinquish our tribal worldviews and start seeing our lives as worldcentric as Christ did. Christ is bigger than one tribe. He is bigger than one concept, we must move away from the colonial approach to shoving faith down the throats of others and see people as valuable and worthy of love and a chance to live life and to be loved and to share life with them. What is that going take?


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