Vertically Horizontal

So Jesus the peasant Rabbi was a troublemaker. A Divine one. If you read some of the conversations he had with his buddies–the Pharisees, about a handful of those times, He picked the fight. Yep, read it again and again. Jesus picked fights with the religious systems. I just think He wasn’t a big fan of systems. Yet, we as followers and people, in general, tend to live out existence inside little boxes. We tend to live our lives compartmentally. Your job is over here, your marriage is over there, and somewhere in between God snugly finds a corner. The ancient Jews saw life and everything in it as holistic. There wasn’t any separation. There weren’t any boxes. In fact, they disagreed with the creation of cliches. “God has a plan” wouldn’t have been a robotic response to tragic events. If that is the case, then why do we live very far from how they interacted with God? What have we missed, if anything? I think we embrace our individuality a bit too much and that tends to tell us that we create our own worldviews and in doing so, then we have to create our own “boxes” with which to live from. And then those boxes become habits, and then habits become doctrine. Then doctrine becomes what God must fit for Him to be God to us. You see I wonder if we really are free? If Christ died to set us free, then maybe we are supposed to be free from all man-made things, including the ability to make sense of things. I am not saying to never ask questions, this is what I think Jesus means when He invites us to be children. But, I do think that His kind of Freedom allows us to just fall hopelessly head-over-heels in love with Him rather than always trying to uncover what His next move is. It’s funny how many times Jesus, the Son of God, invited people away from religion and to centre their lives around relationship. He even says it in kind of a hippy way, “Love God” and “Love your neighbour”. Love Vertically and Horizontally. Love. Not answers. Journey, not the destination. Reckless Abandon. Not, Hesistant Surrender.


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