The World and The Church

What if the message of Jesus was actually meant for a wider audience. What if his message about a mythical kingdom and a way life was also meant for the world. Sure, we can agree it was meant to go to the world. But, what if he was already speaking to the world when he share his message. I am currently writing a book entitled “Jesus Bootlegged: Recapturing the Stolen Message of Jesus for the World” it invites the reader to time-travel back into history to the time and culture of Jesus and his audience. You see, his audience wouldn’t have just been made up of his inner twelve ragamuffins. His messages would have been heard by what most would have known as the “unacceptables”. People who were on the fringe of society, lepers, the unclean, the demonized, the bleeding woman and others who you wouldn’t want to be seen in public with. When Jesus is sitting on rock (the posture of a Rabbi) teaching about organic substances like salt and light and then brings in a city to cap it all off, he would have said this quite a few times, part of his nomadic sermon collection. He would have been empowering all the people eavesdropping. He would have been saying, you are like this salt that in influential. You see Christ was in the works of building a global kingdom. He was pioneering a global kind of ethos and believed everyone could be a part. Let’s take a look at who his inner twelve were. Luke was this Gentile doctor. A practical healer. People would have visited him for medical help. It would be too easy to overlook what a Gentile was and simply label him an outsider. A Gentile was also outside the religious faith, not just a denominational difference…he would have been more like a modern-day buddhist or maybe what we might consider as a Native American healer. He was outside the fold according to the Pharisees. And Jesus entrusted the Kingdom to this guy? Also, Mary Magdelene who also might of been one of the financiers of Jesus ministry was an ex-prostitute who might have actually quite easily slipped back into the practice. So Jesus’ ministry was sustained by a prostitute. She held up the ministry of Jesus. And Jesus supported her by believing she had what it took to build the Kingdom of God on earth. Hmmm…I wonder if we are only aware of half the message of the gospel. I wonder if we missed it all-together?


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