Youth Ministry

Okay so I have been part of the system for a bit. And one I thing I have come to see is that Youth Ministry tends to be the cheerleader for the church, yet, at the same time can easily be the most under-appreciated of all church roles and tasks. Okay, so biblically, there is no mandate for youth ministry. We do have a sort of inter-generational model set-out in the early church. Which I am wondering what would the future of YM look like if we began adopting that as a model. Grant it, I am one of those YM’s that don’t really support a model approach to youth ministry and there is a great book out there called “Presence-Centered Youth Ministry” by Mike Yaconelli (also, read books by his late dad, great stuff!!!) that really introduces the truth that youth ministry didn’t start out of some moment of epiphany. the origin of youth ministry came out of the anxiety of adults who didn’t know what to do with teens. very interesting, but when you look out objectively at the relationship between teens, tweens and adults there is a gap filled with awkward silences and nervous laughter. Yaconelli goes on to say that we should embrace the idea of being with teens and being fully present and protectively vulnerable, but most of all — be REAL! That want authenticity. As much as they claw and clamor for answers to this life, they want to know it is okay not to have all the answers. That doubt doesn’t scare God. That being loved and sharing love are what it’s all about. If we sell them anymore than this, we have embraced the vendor jesus.



  1. jeremy · March 24, 2009

    i love it. you and i are smoking the same stuff.
    be real, be open, and be honest.


    • travelersnote · April 17, 2009

      yeah, it’s the only stuff i can afford to smoke!!


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