Certain Corners in History

famous jesus

famous jesus

This idea of commercialism and Jesus somehow shaking hands has really got a destructive undertone to it. We embrace the Billboard Jesus with open arms, because somehow he makes us feel good about ourselves. He is the guy standing alone with his arms outstretched and a big cheesy grin. Did Jesus smile? You betcha!! But, the picture we have of him fits more on a shelf in Wal-mart rather than hanging out with the outsiders in our society. Somehow commercialism has softened the fierce Rabbi from Nazareth. Somehow behind the plastic and television ads, the real Jesus can’t stand up, because he is nowhere to be found. How did we let it get that far? Why has it come to a point in our society that Jesus is nothing more than a necklace in a shop and a t-shirt? The Jesus commodity has dominated the psyche of the church long before television was even invented. Although, for the most part, most of us have been completely unaware, and not of our own doing. But, the ancient media has now become acceptable in churches. It is a superpower within the churches. In a Baptist Church, it would be the deaconate, in an Anglican (Episcopal) Church it would be the Bishops and the Diocese. And even for Scripture, it could have easily been King James. They were the puppets pulling the strings. Their media is what we now call and easily embrace as ‘theology and doctrine’. This is the modern-day media of the Church. You see because if you don’t “buy” into what the Church says you should believe than you aren’t “acceptable” to God by their standards. Oh, those words may never fall from their lips but they are quietly assumed and have been throughout certain corners in history. We must come to realize that God doesn’t hide in human attempts to understand him. He is out in the open for those who are helplessly surrendered to him rather than those who succumb to knowledge and reason to get them through. The irony in this whole post, is that I am one of those people. And I am learning, like the doll from childhood, I have to let it go. I have to “jump in” the abyss that 15 century heretical monks nicknamed God as. I can’t afford to figure it all out. Can you?


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