the medium is the message

i saw this. thought it was a really good one!!

Rob Bell Interviews Shane Hipps About Technology from Deadly Viper on Vimeo.


collecting stars

The Glory of God is Man Fully Alive — St. Ireneaus

i am an avid collector of starry nights. well, not paintings by van gogh. i collect these moments that seem so rich, God seems to be umistakably here with me. i look up and we talk. i see stars and God feels like he is in the same room. it means a lot to me. it is something i crave, yet is one of the hardest things to keep doing. time steals our focus. things in life try and guide our motion or lack of it. collecting stars for you might look very different and be in a different place and may not even be stars. what is it? have you done it lately?

news and repairing the world

8d86425bf82fc626     These news bullets were copied from Yahoo!…


•Deadly flu virus spreads
•Police ‘tried to recruit green spies’
•MP will sue over ‘smeargate’
•Body found after car swept away
•Tories want ‘academies’ for children
•N Korea defiant over nuclear aims
•Super-rich hit by recession

These are just a few of the uncertain moments and destructive habits of a world in chaos. Yet, God believes the world can be saved. When Jesus came into the world, He came to save it. We tend to personalize John 3:16, but if you study Christ’s words, the word world is well…the world. The Ancient Jews believed in Tikkun Olam (I wrote an article that is published in Relevant Magazine) a phrase that loosely translates as “Repairing the World”. See we are all responsible to help repair the divine in the world, rather than focusing on what’s wrong with it. News tends to be quite pessmistic, yet, God has faith in our ability to somehow help — Paul says it this way — we are all “coworkers with God”. Wow! That’s huge! God believes in us. He trusts us! Let that sink in. He empowers us to fight for His world, not promote entropy. He empowers us to be a community of hope, not sadness. Creativity not destructive apathy.

a journey of unknown proportions

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    i was peering through my bedroom window this morning and a violent wind was howling outside, as if to say, I am the reason this all makes sense. There was a piece of paper that hovered in the air for a second and then literally swept itself off to thea55f2c32e6828c2c left of my window never to be seen again and it never touched the ground. The wind was wild! It reminded me of a curious nickname the ancient Celts called the Holy Spirit. It was the enigmatic “Wild Goose”. Wild geese can never be tamed. Never defined. They can never never be caught, hence why they are called “wild”. The point and invitation is that if we surrender ourselves to this enigmatic goose we too will find ourselves in the midst of a journey of unknown proportions. A journey that will look completely different from this day to the next. An adventure where the Goose gets to lead us and not our theology…

The House We Call Home: A Culture of Denial

  It’s a lot easier to hide. It’s a lot scarier to be found. There’s a possibility that when you’re found you won’t be accepted. It’s almost as if being someone else and living as if you’re someone else is like a house we call home. We find solace in being alright. In having everything together or at least projecting it. I think if we continue down this path, we are going to end up like Hansel and Gretel…lost in the woods. We must be okay with everything not being okay. Yes, there is safety and protection in not sharing how you really are…there is a peace in knowing that no one else knows. Well, at least for some. Others might be honest and say it really does suck not having anyone around when it all falls down. Maybe we need to partake in the Lament as Rob Bell says. He has a podcast that walks through the poems and talks about this very thing, about how there is need to Lament,things within our culture, as well as the simple truth that we must be able to embrace what we are lamenting to let it go. This is pop-psychology 101. We must name our angst to let it go. Are you holding on to anything? What kind of feelings surge through when you think about sharing it? What’s stopping you