The House We Call Home: A Culture of Denial

  It’s a lot easier to hide. It’s a lot scarier to be found. There’s a possibility that when you’re found you won’t be accepted. It’s almost as if being someone else and living as if you’re someone else is like a house we call home. We find solace in being alright. In having everything together or at least projecting it. I think if we continue down this path, we are going to end up like Hansel and Gretel…lost in the woods. We must be okay with everything not being okay. Yes, there is safety and protection in not sharing how you really are…there is a peace in knowing that no one else knows. Well, at least for some. Others might be honest and say it really does suck not having anyone around when it all falls down. Maybe we need to partake in the Lament as Rob Bell says. He has a podcast that walks through the poems and talks about this very thing, about how there is need to Lament,things within our culture, as well as the simple truth that we must be able to embrace what we are lamenting to let it go. This is pop-psychology 101. We must name our angst to let it go. Are you holding on to anything? What kind of feelings surge through when you think about sharing it? What’s stopping you


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