news and repairing the world

8d86425bf82fc626     These news bullets were copied from Yahoo!…


•Deadly flu virus spreads
•Police ‘tried to recruit green spies’
•MP will sue over ‘smeargate’
•Body found after car swept away
•Tories want ‘academies’ for children
•N Korea defiant over nuclear aims
•Super-rich hit by recession

These are just a few of the uncertain moments and destructive habits of a world in chaos. Yet, God believes the world can be saved. When Jesus came into the world, He came to save it. We tend to personalize John 3:16, but if you study Christ’s words, the word world is well…the world. The Ancient Jews believed in Tikkun Olam (I wrote an article that is published in Relevant Magazine) a phrase that loosely translates as “Repairing the World”. See we are all responsible to help repair the divine in the world, rather than focusing on what’s wrong with it. News tends to be quite pessmistic, yet, God has faith in our ability to somehow help — Paul says it this way — we are all “coworkers with God”. Wow! That’s huge! God believes in us. He trusts us! Let that sink in. He empowers us to fight for His world, not promote entropy. He empowers us to be a community of hope, not sadness. Creativity not destructive apathy.


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