ecstatic and the tangible.


i’m studying about the Christian mystics of old and sometimes envy there experience. for most of them, it was so much more than some ecstatic dream or vision, it was completely life-altering. I mean, think about this biblically, you have stories of people meeting with God in very tangible ways. Moses sees God. Jacob wrestles with him. Abraham has lunch with him. Isaiah and Ezekiel both get “ruined” by their meetings with God. shouldn’t we want the same? I am in the place where I am cynical of magic show jesus, where we all hold hands and pray “in the name of Jesus” and hope for some kind of divine magic trick that we tend to call miracles. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in miracles, but what I have noticed is that miracles tend to be God led and when He wants to. Obviously, the bleeding woman who grabbed a hold Jesus’ tunic was an exception. And shouldn’t we want to be like her? Or any of others through history who meet God. I want to meet God, I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. I recently had a conversation with a friend of mine who brought up a good point about how God has created us to be the miracle. And when we worship we should be looking around at one another rather than looking up. Something I am still wrestling with. Back to Teresa. Teresa of Avila was a Christian mystic who had an angel visit her and pierced her heart and left her on fire. She encountered heaven on earth. Something we should be living out — heaven on earth. I don’t yet have an answer, maybe there isn’t one. I am tempted to experiment in the ecstatic experience, but to be honest, we can’t usher God into our world and force him to show up in some “mystical” way….and who knows maybe he already has even today and we just haven’t noticed yet…have you?



  1. societyvs · May 22, 2009

    I have had estatic, life changing experiences in this faith (3 to 4 to be exact)…that changed the very essence of my being and how I perceive the world…all for the good I would say.

    I think we cannot ‘woo’ God to us – but by trying to interact with this Spirit – something can happen – somehow He reaches just enough to us that we catch the smallest glimpse…and we recieve this weird type of hope (or faith).

    That being said, even with some of these experiences the changes have become permenant – and more effect my actions than some spiritual experience – so much so – I think God’s focus is solely on the way we treat each other.


    • travelersnote · May 23, 2009

      Good thoughts! I agree. I don’t think there mystical equations lying out in some other dimension waiting for us to find them. Yet, I God does also love to be pursued, and he loves to pursue us…like lovers. It’s an interesting dichotomy that I wrestle with. What were some of the experiences? Yeah, lately I have been discovering the reality that God calls us to live vertically and horizontally and see Himself in others. Thanks for the thoughts.


  2. societyvs · May 25, 2009

    “What were some of the experiences?” (traveler)

    A few of the experiences included hearing a literal voice (God or angel – no clue), a healing which was kind of strange, and praying to understand ‘love’ then having empathy from that day forward (a feeling I never had before).

    They all change my life in some way – but the voice that spoke actually change the very fabric of my being…I went from fearful to fearless in seconds…from faithless to anything was possible…from lacking a future – to having every hope there was way more than I had dreamed of. I cant’ explain what hearing those 5 words fully did – but it made me who I am today.


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