a television rerun

when someone goes away on trip, and i mean someone who means something to you–we tend to miss them. we feel like a part of ourselves is well, missing. we feel a bit distraught and maybe even for some — confused. and when they return, well, that’s the best part. it seems like the sun shines a bit brighter and the world is at peace. for some, your soul may be at rest. however you relate to people, one thing is for sure…losing them is painful. whether it be death or irreconcilable differences. loss hurts. it feels like a part of you is completely lost and will never return. it even seems for some that life is over. that life is now in black and white and has lost its color. life is monochromatic. the food you once ate, that tasted so life-giving now just gives you stomach cramps. the paths you used to walk together don’t seem so beautiful. life has become a television rerun. So, my question is this, do we need to lose something (and if it returns) so it can have significance. do we need to lose to gain? does the loss of something/someone actually make the act of having them that much more significant? i mean, in wider terms Jesus says we must lose to gain, last to be first, and other upside down turnovers as well…hmmm….



  1. societyvs · May 25, 2009

    “does the loss of something/someone actually make the act of having them that much more significant?” (traveler)

    Yes. I experienced this recently in my life – a true form of loss (and it hurt and was tough – all the things you explain). I happened to find we never truly know what we have until we are without it.


    • george · May 30, 2009

      i really do find that somehow the act of not having something somehow gives it that much more value. i wonder if we ourselves let go of these things before we lose them (let them go from the inside out)if it would almost head off the need for losing it?


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