i wonder if the words we use alter our perceptions of circumstances and people? almost like a broken kaleidoscope. since there are already pieces everywhere, it just makes the situation even more fragmented and disjointed and even disconnected. i mean like when we label people and things. i wonder if the labels (which by initial intention might be placed positively) we choose to use actually distance us from the very thing we want to know? take for example, calling someone your enemy. now, obviously the label enemy is meant for distinct distance and disconnection. and then jesus walks on the scene and invites us to love the very thing we distance ourselves from. how weird is that? it’s as if he is saying, we were all meant to be together. we were meant to be a people who openly accept one another. i mean jesus’ words really hit home and quite sharply to some of his audience, because he is telling his jewish neighbour and friends to love their political enemy who would rather have them dead than alive. love your political enemy. love those who want you dead. bridge the distance between you animosity, frustration and confusion through love. this is not an easy place for anyone to be. but it is a place, a new way we are invited into.



  1. societyvs · June 1, 2009

    Caring about our enemies more often than not removes them as enemies – soon we find they have become compatriots.


    • george · June 1, 2009

      very well said. just read something similar in the vein of what you just responded with! very cool.


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