are we to save the world?…

the world is falling apart. yet, there are signs of hope everywhere. it’s funny how we focus so much on how the world is ending. entropy. the hebrews saw the world either in two categories: good or very good. some christians might see the world (i used to see things this way as well) bad and worse which leads to entropy. i was always taught i was here to leave. that jesus would one day come back and take me to some mystical heavenly dimension where all would be fine. yet, when you read the scriptures and what they offer and add the mindset of the hebrews. it was about us trying to heal the world. the belief that god entrusts creation with the responsibility of repairing the world. it was about us being empowered by the the holy spirit and living outward. it is like there is a symbiotic connection going on, one that we can’t see. the world has hope and that hope is us. before we go further, i need to make it clear that because of the cross and nothing we have done that the world has been saved (John 3:16). so we are responsible for sustaining its salvation. now, because we are all quite messy people, we aren’t always going to get it right. we must revisit what we do and why we do it continously. again, we are not the saviours, but we have a responsibility to heal people and things. jesus said we would do greater things than him…what if that included things like healing, and maybe even saving the world by dying to our wants and sometimes needs. again, i am speaking of bigger things than being green, which could be included in this discussion..


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