Theology is Dead or The “Ahh” Moment.

The word theology comes from late middle English, from French théologie, from Latin theologia, from Greek θεολογία, theologia, from θεός, theos or God + λόγος or logos, “words,” “sayings,” “discourse,” or “reason” ( + suffix ια, ia, “state of,” “property of,” “place of”). The Greek word can be literally translated as “talk about God or the divine,” but the meaning of the word shifted as it was used (first in Greek and then in Latin) in European Christian thought in the Patristic period, the Middle Ages and Enlightenment, and then taken up more widely

I love to talk. I love to speak. I love to share thoughts. It is in the sharing that the “Ahh” moments occur. I believe we have lost the art of the “Ahh” moment. We no longer talk about God. We control him. We push and pull our experience to fit around him. We take all of our baggage that we carry through our lives and create a god of our own making. Which according to the ancient Hebrew mitzvots (or Commandments), that is fashioning a man-made deity. Now, this god we have made somehow answers when we think he should. Listens us to unswervingly without ever getting frustrated with us. He only encompasses the male aspects of humanity. He only cares for those who are “inside” the fold. And he constantly gets angry when we screw up. If this is our theology of a man-made god, then what happened to the original theology? the one that is untainted and untouched. the one where God is all compassion and also a God with emotions. the one where God loves the outsider even more than the insider and yet doesn’t have favorites. The God who is always chasing after His creation and wants to heal broken people. I think theology has lost its way. I think somehow because of us, God seems to have lost his way. We know this isn’t true, but, if we are making a god of our own design than this god, like us, can lose his way too. we must not simply revisit what we believe and why believe it, for some, we must completely divorce ourselves from theology in and of itself. God is the God for the poor, the unjust and the broken. He is ready to leave 99 sheep for just the one who is outside in the cold. He is ready to leave heaven to enter earth and the human condition so that EVERYONE can be a part. When we start to let go of our theologies and ideas and begin to mourn the very existence of our beliefs, then and only then, can the “Ahhh” moment return.


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