I was looking through some articles on Yahoo News today and almost every other article had to do with someone dying or getting killed. the loss of life is tragedy. life is holy. what i noticed as i skimmed through these articles is that i have been numbed by death. it no longer hits me with the gravity that it should. when moses is going back through the ten commandments in Leviticus, he reminds them that there is only one time when it is okay to break the commandments and that is when you have to save a life, not just the life of someone you know but anyone. we are supposed to be a people who value life and will do anything at any cost to preserve life. jesus said he came to give it. and that means if we have it, then we should make sure that those (whether they deserve or not) that are in perilous situations have life too. this is the ultimate act of a follower. someone who fights for the life of another. how are we doing that?


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