decentralizing the gospel.

like some beautiful planter, we put the gospel in the middle of the table….we decorate it, water it and try to breath new life into it. but what if the gospel wasn’t meant to be the centre? even better, what if the gospel is something more than what it is? in the story of the good samaritan, we have two people that we might say would be experts in the gospel. “experts” in the truth. then we have somebody who comes on the scene who might know a little bit, but for the most part is a heretic. he is outside of the tribe. so his knowledge as vast as it could be is already tainted by the fact that he is “dirty”. yet, jesus flips the whole story on its head by turning not only the gospel (as we know it) but also the person to be like as the point of the story. what if the gospel wasn’t about some systematic approach (4-steps to peace with God), but what if we will be judge by how we treat and to react to the “other”? what if the gospel is more about being like the heretic (I wrote something on this a bit more, below)? what if compassion should be the planter at the center of the table. if you notice, before this story, jesus commissions the seventy and then this story follows after, as if to say this is your mission…this is the direction you should be walking, this is who you should look like.


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