i used to be mesmerized by a kaleidoscope when i was a kid. the beautiful fragments of variegated colors strewn across a blanket of light. just beautiful. but one thing that the kaleidoscope never could do we give me the bigger picture. it always came fragmented. now, in its defense that is what is was supposed to do. scripture is part of the fragmented whole. truth is part of the fragmented whole. life is part of the fragmented whole. God is the whole. we are the fragmented. we are the ones who have the inability to see the big picture. now, that truth leads us to reliance on God. But as Abraham Herschel once said: …maybe God is the one with a man-shaped hole”…not in some mushy co-dependence way, but one where He is dedicated to us being no longer fragmented. we all are a part of the fragment reversal. we are all part of this putting humpty-dumpty back together. we all have our parts. God depends on us. this is isn’t one of those statements where you are meant to feel guilty, but, rather — empowered and enlivened that the divine has placed within you a charter to heal the world. He believes in you. See we kind of uses phrases like “the world has gone to hell in a hand-basket”, according to God the potential for the opposite is even more fierce. He believes it so much he subversively sent his son to die for mankind, to begin the process of reversing the fragments. we have a hand in this. what is your role? what kind of feelings well up inside to know that God believes in you? that there is more to life than just waiting for a city of gold? there is more…do you believe it?


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