the seasons we sometimes live (be the miracle.)

I guess what I’m saying is there ain’t no better reason to rid yourself of vanity and just go with the seasons it’s what we aim to do our name is our virtue — jason mraz

winter, spring, summer and fall. these are sure things that come and go. the seasons we sometimes live. living in the UK has made me a lot more aware of what some cultures have come to call the “harmony of the opposites”. this change in geography has taught me that the weather isn’t as consistent as it is in California. the seasons are a bit more interpretative over here. they can easily leave you unsettled if you’re someone who likes their weather a bit more straight down the line. this whole business of sporadic weather patterns got me thinking about King Solomon and how in one of his collections of writings He goes into a list of opposites…in some Asian religions, it is called the Ying and the Yang. “…a time for peace and a time for war…a time for tears…and a time for laughter….” Solomon came to realize that life doesn’t happen in one straight line. life isn’t linear. it is more confusing and chaotic and at times even downright frustrating. some of you may know what I’m talking about. in fact, you may be experiencing all the seasons at once — even now. Mike Yaconelli (the founde of Youth Specialties) called life a “rollercoaster” rather than our traditional view of mountains and valleys. i second that view. life is much more like a beautiful mess we get to help clean up. what i wonder, is if God has chosen to concede to these seasons even in His interactions with us? If you follow the pattern of the ancient pages of the Torah and the New Testament this is what you get: God is visibly present to and with His people, even to the point that He himself is among his friends having a meal (Genesis 18). This pattern is somewhat consistent throughout the Old Testament. Then His people can’t get their act together and use their message to heal the world, so then He comes in person. Jesus demonstrates a new kind of humanity. A new way to be human. a new way to love one another that can change everything. Then He leaves. And the early followers flip things upside down. Completely. And so, what if God works on these seasons? Like a regular relationship, there are times of deep intimacy and connection to the point of redemption and change becomes inevitable in our interactions. then moments of silence. where you simply rest in the presence of one another. where no words need to be said. i have many friends who comment on how in western countries God isn’t moving as apparently as He might in other third-world (“in need”) countries? Maybe God is in the season where we move for Him. Where we are the Body we were meant to be. Where we are His miracles. maybe it is about us being the voice of God, the miracles of God, the presence of God. maybe the season of God is that he is relying on us to carry Him into the world, like Mary did long ago. i don’t want to minimize the pain we experience. i don’t want to minimize the struggles that we journey through. but, maybe life is bigger than all that. maybe that is what the seasons remind us of, that even when the leaves fall and autumn comes, that all the things that fall around us are covered in white. are pure. are now hidden. then new life begins. and light comes to dwell with us once again. seasons are more than seasons. and God still moves, but at times, (and maybe even moreso now), He chooses to move through us. there is something divine about us being Christ to those in need. being the miracle and the answer to someone else’s prayer. i think God might be waiting for us to make the first move.


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