A New Way: To Be Political

This a series entitled a “New Way” where I am going to go through religion, politics, entertainment and etc. and dream up something different. this is what Jesus was all about dreaming up a new kind of world. are you ready to dream with me?

So I was skimming along an article in the NY times and came across this:

In the discussion, recorded for The New Yorker’s Web site two weeks ago, Mr. Hertzberg suggested that it is not clear “what kind of society and regime Iran really is.”

“It’s not a simple dictatorship,” he said “The models that we have to tell us what kind of a place Iran is from the past are not particularly useful.”

Mr. Hertzberg got me thinking. Like when Jesus came He wasn’t coming and giving us an impossible way to live. But a new way to be Human. Now, what if without even knowing it Mr. H has done the same thing. Maybe we need to say goodbye to politics as is and what is has become over the ages. Maybe there is a new way to be political. a better way. one that doesn’t simply seek the easy “majority rules” way out. Maybe it seeks consensus. Maybe politics that have the goal of peace and not verbal and global war on mankind. Maybe this new kind of politics could mourn the loss of party politics and see the beauty in diversity. Like More, Luther King Jr., Jesus, Buddha and Ghandi…i too believe things can change. And to echo the words of Emergent Conversationalist Brian Mclaren, “everything must change”. We can no longer afford the kind of politics that seek to simply benefit itself. We can long sit idlly back and rest in our comfy church loungers and listen to sermons that make us feel good about ourselves. Although they are good, the end of why those sermons are being preached aren’t being lived out. Jesus’ brother James was doing some pastoral training and tells some of his fellow speaking cohorts this: “be not hearers of the word, but doers”. Another way to say this is, be givers not takers. Give what you have learned away. Like a gift. Maybe even wrapped sometimes for the receiver. Don’t let what you know sit inside of you. Why? Because there is this belief that all people in the world can give something back to the world. That all people, no matter race, religion, background, political stance and so on each have this divine stamp within them and we can all live it out. This is just an iota of what it means to follow in the way of this new kind of politics.


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