christian propaganda.

I found this blog about the ‘Everything is Spiritual’ tour of Rob Bells’, and it is amazing the information that Rob Bell gives this girl. Especially about not expending ourselves over ‘Christian’ paraphenalia or propaganda. To see that there is a bigger story and that God is at the helm of it all…

Mental sushi

Rob Bell spoke tonight at the Crest Theater in Sacramento. He is a guy who has been impacted by the teachings of Jesus and has a unique way in our time of looking at the truth of God. He is the author of Velvet Elvis, and creator of the Nooma videos. And everytime I hear him speak, it turns my nice little categories into mental sushi. Something beautiful and interesting, but all mixed up. Tonight he wove together ideas ranging from the poetry of creation (that is Genesis 1), to descriptions of the solar system, atomic matter and how it behaves, God’s “I am”- ness, and man becoming the only creature to have both spirit and matter to relate that: Everything is spiritual.

One of my favorite parts was when he said, “Some people say they aren’t spiritual. It’s like, ‘Are you human?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Then it’s too late.'” Everyone is spiritual because everyone is human, and human is made with spirit and physical.

So then, everything we do it spiritual, from how we relate to our families, finances, sexuality, work ethic… everything in your life has this interconnectedness of spirit and physical.

Afterward I asked him what happened in his life to get past Christian cliche and reach people in the Netherlands as I go there soon. He said stop hanging out with only Christians, stop consumning Christian literature, movies, music, because most of it is irrelevant, and start listening to people around me. When I go, don’t try to reach anyone, but listen and have relationship with them. And trust that the ultimate things will come up, and then share. See that truth is not confined to “Christians”, but truth is everywhere, and sometimes people who aren’t believers have more truth than we do. Like how to take care of the earth, or how to live compassionately.

I know that God wants to take us out of the little boxes and categories we’ve made for ourselves. And I know that He is specifically showing me that we sometimes see truth as 2-dimensional when it is actually 3-dimensional. But it’s a lot to sort through when it’s all out of the box and in the open, because the box gives it proportions and measurability. But, maybe God was never meant to be put in a box.


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