naming the dead.

why can’t we name those who have died? i just came across one of many articles that finally has chosen to “release” the names of the victims. have we lost touch with one another? is it that we have become so comfortable with our distance from one another that we have forgotten what is to even have a name. the ancient hebrews saw one’s name as their identity, more than just a simple title. a name was who you were. i wonder if we have actually reversed this idea of respect. some may think it is more respectful for families or the local authorities if names are withheld. but, maybe, just maybe if we knew the names of those that have been killed maybe the reality that we are connected could spur us on to prevent things like this from happening in the future. this isn’t about us being saviours at all. it is recognizing that every person, no matter race, beliefs, or lifestyle has intrinsic value in the eyes of God. and he invites us and encourages us to “bear one another’s burdens”. i think sometimes we forget that we have the ability to create peace. and this isn’t about preventing war. promoting peace isn’t the same as protesting war. promoting peace is looking for any and all ways to promote all the different ways of peace without trying to protest anything. it is a different approach whereby we focus on all that is good about love and peace and grace and restoration rather than fighting against the opposite. i think one way we can start is by naming the dead…


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